How To Improve Your Work-life Balance

work-life balance

Anyone who runs their own business knows how demanding it can be, on both your time and your energy. You’re typically working long hours, sometimes seven days a week. Often your personal life falls by the wayside and along with it, your relationships, hobbies and sometimes even your health. Creating and maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be difficult, but is incredibly important. Here are three things that can help you achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Tip #1: Prioritise your time

When you’re at work, make sure that you are focused only on work-related tasks. Use your calendar to block out chunks of time for the high-value tasks that need to be done. Scheduling time blocks for different tasks helps you to prioritise the many daily tasks that you do. Scheduling also helps you to make sure you’re covering all the tasks that need to be done in your business, such as team meetings or business development. 

Make sure you set yourself the right work hours for you so that once work is done, you can go home to do other things, like having dinner with your family, putting your kids to bed, spending time with your partner or even getting to the gym.


Tip #2: Segregate your work time and your playtime

The key to maintaining a healthy work-life balance is to separate your work time from your playtime. When you’re at work, stay focused on the job at hand. When you go home to your family (hopefully at a reasonable hour), make sure to switch off and concentrate on actually being with your family. Be in the moment. If you can, turn your phone and email off and don’t check it during these times. Make it clear to others in your business that you should only be contacted for absolute emergencies. 

Tip #3: Make time in your personal life to do the fun things

It’s great to be busy in your business and kicking your business goals, but you need to make time in your personal life to do the things that make you happy. Taking time out is important to make sure that you don’t get burnout or sick. Whatever brings you joy, whether that be travelling, hobbies or something else, make time to do it. Book in a holiday, and actually take it. Schedule a weekend away, have a date night with your partner. Whatever it is, make time for it.

Hopefully, these tips have helped you think about what you can do in your own life to achieve a healthy work-life balance that will have you kicking all your goals; business and personal, in no time.

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