Sam Panetta is a multi-award winning financier who specialises in crafting financial strategies that have helped over 500 business owners, professionals, and property investors secure over $250,000,000 in business and property assets.

The product of a long line of hard-working small business owners, Sam started his career by helping out in the family business after dropping out of high school at just 15 years old.

Three years later, he bought his first property, and then built on that success by putting money in equities the following year. By age 23, he was already trading interest rate futures and conducting odds arbitrage.

Sam successfully cemented his position as a financial powerhouse two years later when he was named Young Gun of the Year at just 25 years old. And by the time he was 28, he already had his own business in Aureus Financial Group, which he co-founded to help business owners, professionals, and property investors achieve true financial freedom.

Now a husband and father to two little girls, Sam co-owns a total of four companies, which make up his multimillion-dollar business empire.

His most recent venture is Your Lifestyle Business, which he co-founded to help business owners boost their profits, have more time, and build more wealth.

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