How To Turn Business Stagnation To Business Growth

Business Growth

Business is cyclical – this is a fact.

It doesn’t matter if yours is the hottest new startup or a well-established firm that has enjoyed many years of success. In great times, everything goes as planned, so that all you need to do is be consistent in product or service delivery, and scale your output. There are also periods when company growth comes to a halt, and your trusty old strategy just stops working. This is normal as the cycle of growth and stagnation is inevitable.

However, instead of viewing the downward part of this cycle as an obstacle and source of frustration, think of it as an integral aspect of the business lifecycle. It provides opportunities to reassess your strategy and forces you to reevaluate what you are doing and improve your products or services.

To turn this into an opportunity and successfully get out of this period of stagnation, you need to:

Determine how much time are you investing in reviewing and revising how your business is actually tracking.

You need to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t. Ask the hard questions: What should you be doing to succeed? Which direction do you need to take? How do you leverage your current client base and network? Which processes should be maintained, and which should you let go? Is it time to adopt new systems and technology?

Encourage external feedback.

Talk to your team and ask them to share their ideas. You may be a good leader, but is there anything you might be missing? Are you seeing the big picture, or have you been too focused on the details? Take a step back, share what you know, and ask your team to do the same. It might be time for disruptive thinking.

Continue to educate yourself.

This doesn’t mean going back to school (although that’s also an option) but might include learning new things to continually build your mindset, tools, and strategies. Get certified in your field or additional relevant certifications. Participate in industry events, attend seminars, conferences, and read up on the latest news about your business, so you are kept updated on industry trends and market transformations.

After doing these things, be prepared to come up with actionable steps you’ll commit to implementing. Soon, you’ll be moving on to the next stage of your business: growth and more success.

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