Proven And Tested Marketing Tips To Skyrocket Your Sales


If you’ve been in business for a while, you know that you need to market. The idea of being in business is we need to attract the right client into our business. We need to be able to convince them we are the right fit to be able to solve their problems. As a customer-centric organization, how we illustrate that value is ultimately going to determine the success that we have in business. You’re probably thinking that “Marketing. It’s not my area of expertise. “I don’t have a marketing background” “How am I going to be able to attract those customers?” You probably know that your success is directly connected to your ability to market. Look at all the thought leaders of your industry, the ones that are the most successful. Their marketing is everywhere, right? They’ve got social media, google ads, a great website and they’re doing content. They’re doing all these things that you aspire to do but you just don’t know where to start.


Here are 3 tips that we used in our own marketing. It ensures you don’t have to spend a whole a lot of time. We’re able to get in front of people and attract those people into our business so, we can show them the way of scaling their enterprise.


Tip #1: Have a plan

It will difficult for you to get into marketing if you’re just going to be tactical and just try to implement everything. We need to have a top-down approach. Let’s start with an end in mind. A marketing plan setting your intentions and your goals. Work out what are the right strategies that you should be implementing to achieve those goals. Then, mapping out the time and resources that you need to allocate to be able to execute on that plan. If you dive into marketing without the plan the likely it is you’re going to end up half-built bridges. We don’t want that. Half-bridges don’t help everyone.


Tip #2: Pick the platforms that work

We need to pick the platforms that work. Not every form of marketing works for every business. For example, for your particular business google Adwords may not work because the cost per click is just too high. Or content marketing may not work because your customers aren’t on social media; Facebook or Instagram. So we need to work out based on the customers that you are chasing. What are the right marketing methods that are going to work for your business? We have a cheat sheet in your Facebook Community, Your Lifestyle Business. We walk through the pros and cons of all of the platforms, that can help you pick the right ones.


Tip #3: You need to be consistent

There is not one marketing message or one marketing campaign that you can do in isolation that’s going to help you attract clients in draws. It just doesn’t work that way. The world is so saturated with marketing these days. It’s proven that most new prospects need 18 interactions with your brand before they make a buying decision. So, unless you’ve got the consistency to be able to repetitively spread your message, add value, and indicate who’s the right person who’s the right person who should be speaking to you. Then, you’re probably not going to be successful with marketing.


So, have a plan, choose the right platforms and be consistent are the tips of the day when it comes to your marketing. If you want more tried and true marketing tips, that are going to help you support and scale your service business, make sure you join our Facebook Community, Your Lifestyle Business

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