Best Ways To Boost Your Sales And Grow Your Business

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Most people associate the word “sales” with something unpleasant.

It could be that pushy neighbour who convinced you to buy expensive gigantic candles you don’t need (and have been gathering dust in storage). The aggressive insurance salesman who made you fork over $150 for short-term insurance cover. Maybe it was the home shopping network that had you thinking you needed a special gadget for opening your carton of milk.

Yes, most people view sales as a dirty word.

And you might, too, even when you are an entrepreneur yourself, selling a product or service. However, the problem with this negative mindset is that you can end up hitting a brick wall, especially if you built your business on technical expertise or any other attribute outside of sales.

To keep your business growing

You’ll need to change your mindset regarding sales as doing so can help improve the way you run your business, how you attract ideal customers, and how you convert prospects into paying customers and turn them into raving fans.

Rather than focussing on conventional sales thinking that’s centred on aggressively pushing products or services on people, sly manipulation and obsessing over profit, you need to reflect upon the positive role of sales in addressing or satisfying people’s needs. This involves:

  • Identifying and understanding clients’ pain points
  • Helping to understand what they are trying to work towards and the goals/objectives they are striving for
  • Positioning your business as the logical solution to bridge a need gap

To do this, there are three strategies you can use to re-evaluate and change the way you look at sales and your business:

  • Acknowledge the reality

Your business exists because you want to exchange value, above and beyond what you charge for your service

  • Adopt a value-based sales approach

Adopting in your business that allows for a better customer journey or experience. This allows you to charge premium pricing and stop exchanging time for money

  • Charge what you are worth

Become a specialist in your area of expertise. This means that instead of being a generalist or knowing a little of everything, you should strive to become a specialist who knows all the ins and outs of the business as well as the products and or services it offers

By implementing these strategies, there’s no reason for you to become what you do not like. There’s no need for you to push or make a hard sale. In fact, your business will sell itself if you make a few changes and transform your perspective of sales. This way, your market will also recognise the value your business offers and the needs it satisfies.

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