Signature Solution: How It Can Boost Your Sales


If you’ve been in business for a while you understand the importance of sales. But if you’re anything like me, we don’t want to see ourselves as a salesperson. We all have these negative connotations around sales and we think that it’s a little bit sleazy, right? I’m sure that you got into the business because you’re an expert technician. You wanted to be the best in what you do, deliver a ton of value to your audience. You probably didn’t want to have to hard-sell them along the way. So, rest assured you’re not going to have to do that.


In this article, I’m going to cover 3 simple tips that you can implement into your sales strategy. It’s going to help you attract the right clients. Be able to work out which of the right prospects that you should be progressing into clients. It will help you market yourself as the logical choice in your space. As a result, you can win more clients when you speak with them.


You need a signature solution

The issue with most service businesses, they are trading time for money. On that basis, it’s very easy for your prospects to compare your value they can look at the hourly rate. Let’s say your hourly rate is $100 an hour and your prospect sees that they can get something for $80. They’re going make a decision based on price.


When we think about the sale psychology of that prospect, they’re always comparing cost vs. benefit. Illustrate a tangible benefit above the time invested. That way it’s going to be difficult for them to make a decision based on value. We believe that we should be the expert, we should focus on delivering more value not competing on price.


A signature solution is a number of stages in which you take your clients on. It illustrates where they are now and how you can help them reach goals. An example of this, our wealth pyramid. It’s the five stages of progressing towards financial freedom and beyond. It makes it easy for us to illustrate how we can bridge the gap towards their ultimate goal.


It doesn’t matter what service business you’re in, you can all have a signature solution. This is going to help position you as an authority in your space and create a point of difference from your competitors.


Jump on to our Your Lifestyle Business Facebook community and use the exercise we have to map out your signature solution that’s unique to your business.


Don’t settle for yes and no

Put option on your menu. Most prospects don’t want to just be served a single solution. Usually, your prospects will shop around. They probably got some quotes from other suppliers and had conversations with other professionals before they made a decision. In that case, instead of just providing them with a single option, provide them with a series of options. This way they can select from based on what they feel is in their best interest. It is going to increase the likelihood of them saying yes to do business with you.


And ultimately, this is going to position you as an authority. It will take that pressure of sales conversations. As supposed to giving them two or three alternatives and giving them the option to select from these choices. This is going to drastically improve your conversion rate. It creates a better customer experience because it puts the control back to the hands of the prospect. It allows you to be able to grow and scale your business faster.


Back yourself

If you’re really an expert on your field and pride yourself on delivering customer values, put some on the game. Back your promise with a money-back guarantee. There is nothing that is going to hold you more accountable. It’s going to provide your prospect with more peace of mind when you offer them a money-back guarantee. For example, saying “Okay, if we don’t get you the outcome we will continue to work with you for free until we do.” These types of risk reversals ensure that your prospect has the peace of mind to say yes. Even though, they might be taking a little bit of leap of faith because they haven’t worked with you yet. It ensures that it creates a 50-50 partnership in pursuit of helping them achieve those outcomes.


These are 3 simple tips that you can use in your sales strategy. It will help you take the pressure off, position yourself as the expert and get more yeses than noes. If you want more tips around sales, make sure to join our Free Facebook community Your Lifestyle Business. We talk about how you can create more profit, more time, and more personal wealth. We look forward to seeing you on the inside.

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